Since 1989 with my first article, Is the Chattooga River Overflowing, I’ve been writing about outdoor adventure, fitness and kids. Author of five guidebooks, including Road Biking New Mexico, and hundreds of articles, including for Backpacker & Trail Runner, I still occasionally freelance…and recently started blogging.

PortraitWriting often leads to editing work and vice versa, and for me that started in 1991 with content editing and revision work for Menasha Ridge Press. An in-house position with Falcon Publishing in 1998 led to freelance work with Globe-Pequot. I’ve also managed several projects for Countryman Press.

Throughout these 25+ years, I’ve always been a professional guide. First on rivers, then rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and road cycling. Lately it’s been all about the bike…20,000+ touring miles in the saddle (38 states plus Canada), short trips, long trips, across the country x 6.

I’m currently dog sitting a sweet Red Fox Lab named Rosie, and I’m curiously looking toward what’s next. I think it’s bicycle touring plus service projects, something I’ve done before…with the Bicycling Superheroes, Happiness Walker, and last summer, the Green Riders. This spring I’ll try my hand at wwoofing in my home state of FL. As an “older” volunteer, I’ve been encouraged to find out what’s possible, how I might be able to help out.


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